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The Maximus

25+ Years experience in the Agricultural industry

  • 18,000 Controllers installed (main & auxiliary controllers) Configurable system based on the needs and wants of the client

Over 55 greenhouses automated with a MAXIMUS Controller

  • No monthly or annual fees / subscriptions Complimentary updates on a regular basis

All Controllers developed, designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada

  • Complimentary technical support and after sales support,  year warranty

Sawyer Nursery


Hudsonville, Michigan, USA

  • Founded in 1963

  • 10 greenhouses controlled by a MAXIMUS Controller

  • 50 permanent employees and 150-200 seasonal workers

  • Clients: Big Box stores such as Home Depot and others

  • 3 years using MAXIMUS Controller

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Pine Haven

  • 1 Greenhouse

  • 4 years using a Maximus Controller

  • Point of Sale - vegetable baskets & farmers markets 

Cameron Farms

Turin, Alberta

  • 1 Greenhouse

  • 4 years using a Maximus Controller

  • Point of Sale - vegetable baskets & farmers markets


Afton, Iowa, USA

Lack Farms

  • 1 Greenhouse

  • 4 years using a Maximus Controller

  • Point of Sale - Direct & farmers markets

La Potager du Sous-Bois

Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Quebec

La Production Pantré Bio

Lourdes-de-Joliette, Quebec

  • 3 Greenhouse

  • Point of Sale - Big box stores (BMR) & garden centers


Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

La Fibre Végétale

  • 2 Greenhouse

  • Point of Sale - Vegetable baskets & farmers markets

  • 2 Greenhouse

  • Point of Sale - Vegetable stand & farmers markets


Horticulture Schools



Trois-Rivières, Quebec

An innovative approach to educating students from preschool through grade 6 on all aspects of nutrition.

This hands-on program allows students to prepare seedlings, explore vegetable cultivation, transform foods, and most importantly learn about greenhouse cultivation. 


École CFP des Moissons

Beauharnois, Quebec

2 Greenhouses

Vocational Training center that includes a Horticultural Production study program that aims to train horticultural production workers who take care of crops from the beginning to the end of the production cycle. Programs consists of both greenhouse an outdoor cultivation of which 300 hours is devoted to greenhouse farming. 

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